Bless Our Church

We have embarked on a campaign to "Bless Our Church."  Our facility has some serious repair needs, and we desire to make our sanctuary more inviting during the warm summer months.  This project will be accomplished in phases.  

Our stained glass windows have some significant issue with their protective plastic coating; this condition has been worsening over several years.  The regular windows in the rest of the church building are "originals" and are need of replacement as they contribute to significant heat loss and added expense to operating our church.

We are exploring options for air conditioning our sanctuary and upgrading its audio-visual system.

The initial estimates for these projects is approximately $35,000 - $45,000.  We are investigating financing options, and to kick off the campaign we are seeking support from the members of the congregation.  

ADOPT A WINDOW - you can sponsor a window for $25 a pane.  Please consider sponsoring one, two or four panes.  This will allow us to reduce the amount of money borrowed for these capital improvements.